the end, sort of.

Well, that’s all! I made it 30 days only wearing made-within-100-miles or op-shopped clothing (with a couple of shoe exceptions) and I think I did an ok job at it! It’s really not been difficult at all, I definitely would encourage you to give it a go, for a day, a week, a month, or for any time really! It’s been pretty fun coming up with a new outfit each day and putting a bit more thought into things rather than just relying on chain store staples in amongst my normal secondhand finds. Even though my usual style is to wear a lot of op shop gear, I found it quite challenging at times to wear head-to-toe, mainly just because of shoes. I love shoes more than most other sartorial items, and am pretty picky about what I do and don’t like. I have a fair few op shop shoes but due to my weird shaped feet and the fact I wear through shoes really quickly, I was pretty limited into what I could wear on a daily basis for all the running around I do.

I think now November’s over, I’ll continue to wear only op shopped/100 mile clothing as much as I can, but make an exception for shoes! I’m going to avoid chain stores and the like, and instead spend my money supporting charities and local designers.

It’s also been a creative month, I’ve done the most sewing this month since I graduated a year ago, which is lovely. I’d kind of forgotten how much I love cutting stuff up and haphazardly stitching into something different. If it’s not something you already do, I whole-heartedly recommend you get into it. It can be more fun than making something from scratch (and easier too!) and it’s so rewarding to make something pretty out of something not so pretty.

Anyway, tonight I’m off to my boyfriend’s graduate photography exhibition, Focused At Infinity, and I’m in fact sticking true to my 100 mile sartorial diet by wearing local label, One Fell Swoop. They’re an incredible pair of designers who drape silks in the most exquisite and interesting ways, and I’ve always wanted one of their dresses. I managed to grab it at a very lovely price at the FashionWA pop store on the corner of Wellington and William street, which incidentally is open until Sunday! You should certainly get yourself along to that, as the little boutique is filled to the brim with Perth’s best designers such as Little Gracie, lonely as a cloud, One Fell Swoop, Alister Yiap, Carly Hunter, Paper Skye, Poppy Lissiman and heaps more.

I might take a photo of that outfit and post it up if I don’t get home too late! So then it would be the thirty-first day. I won’t continue to post daily outfits, but if there’s something really special or an outfit I’m particularly proud of I’ll let you know.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope it’s not been entirely boring and that you didn’t get sick of my bag-face. And I hope more people start wearing 100 mile/op shop outfits, and start sewing at home, and get a little creative, because it really is fun and rewarding and you nearly always end up with something way better and way more innovative than some on-sale dress at Myer.

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the thirtieth day: slack

So, I’m getting a bit slack with this outfit-snapping business. I could make a million excuses, but basically I’ve just been busy, and in the process of moving, and also it’s SO FREAKING HOT. Any unnecessary movement has been vetoed until the temperature drops back below 37 degrees.

Anyhoo, I’m currently house-sitting an amazingly huge and modern house (it’s like living in the future!) for my uber-stylish Paris-gallavanting friend Alicia. It has air conditioning and an awesome cat and I’m pretty excited about raiding said friend’s wardrobe (not really, Alicia, don’t worry… Ahem…)

While grocery shopping this morning I stopped past the Salvos up the road and found some pretty awesome things: a mustard cape that I shall wear tonight (who cares if I boil), some electric blue high waisted pants, an orange leather skirt that fits like a dream, some insane purple shorts and a homemade, apricot-pink confection of a dress because it reminds me so much of my lovely friend Emma and I had to get it for her:

I hope she loves it!

I’m wearing:

Op shop blouse, belt, bag, and necklace, op shop/altered shorts, and the amazing op shop cape I found today. And yes, non-100-mile shoes (from Ebay…)

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the twenty-eighth day

Ah ha, yes, I’m sorry. I missed a day and a night! But actually, it’s ok, because I wore this same skirt yesterday too so it’s sort of like I only missed one outfit.

Today I’m on a shoot up at a goat farm in Roleystone, and it’s going to be pretty hot. I’m wearing op shop bodysuit, homemade skirt, op shop belt, op shop necklace (and, eee! A chain store necklace, because it’s pretty, and I really wanted to), op shop bag and my falling apart old op shop boots, perfect for wandering around a goat farm in.

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the twenty-sixth day: part one

Over the last three nights, Lou, Patrick, Sophia, Rhys and I installed the Christmas windows at all of the Pigeonhole stores (Shafto Lane, Bon Marche arcade and London Court). Much branch collecting and candle-melting, many cans of spray paint, 160 tea light candles, dozens of jam jars, an incident with a hot glue gun and 60 kilos of white sand later, and I think they’re looking pretty great. You really should go check them out! (Shop 9 is my favourite…)

Today I’m feeling a little polka-dotty:

Op shop blouse, skirt, necklace, belt and shoes, and grandma Doreen’s bag. And socks from Kmart!

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the twenty-fifth day

I found the most amazing five pairs of 1940s shoes in the op shop the day before yesterday. They are all from the same lady (a deceased estate that was brought in by her grandkids who had debated whether or not they’d just throw the shoes out!!), and are all a ridiculously tiny size 34, but I bought them all because they were so incredible (and couldn’t be separated!) The lovely ladies at the Save The Children shop near me had saved them for me and were so excited to show me them.

One had a sticker inside that had the date they were made (’42), the customer’s name and the address of the shoe store in Rome. I googled the name and address of the shoe store and it still exists! They’re such an amazing piece of history, in near perfect condition, obviously made for a very wealthy lady during the war. I want to know more about her, why she had so many beautiful shoes made but doesn’t really seem to have worn them much, why she came to Perth, why she kept her shoes all those years. She must have been so stylish. My dad is in Europe at the moment and is going to visit the shop and tell them that I’ve found their shoes in little old Perth, I wonder what they’ll think… Finding things like this is what makes op shopping so exciting and magical at times. It makes sifting through piles of stinky muu-muus and ugly jeans so worth it.

Anyway, today I’m wearing:

Op shop bag, shoes, belt, bodysuit and necklace, and also a homemade necklace and homemade skirt.

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the twenty-fourth day

Yesterday was a rather crazy busy day for me, and I didn’t get a chance to photograph my outfit (plus, Cam had taken his camera with him), sorry! But I wore my long homemade skirt, op shop necklace, top and belt, and then was bad and wore my new shoes that I bought AGES ago on Ebay but only just arrived. I went to the Central grad parade last night so had to wear good shoes, really.

Anyway, today is another hectic day (hence the late post), and Cam took his camera with him, so just a crappy phone photo, I’m afraid.

I’m wearing op shop head to toe!

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the twenty-second day: part two: harry potter

Had a quick outfit change this evening as I went to see Harry, and thought it only appropriate to celebrate the occasion with a cape.

I’m wearing an op shop dress, my trusty cape, op shop belt, grandma Doreen’s bag, an amazing watch pendant I found in an op shop today (it’s an old wind up watch, and it actually works! And it sort of resembles my idea of a time-turner) and op shop shoes.

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