the third day: ouch

So, the day started off well enough, what with getting dressed 100 mile style and getting to wear my Carly Hunter top. Carly Hunter is an awesome Perth designer (probably my favourite, but I shouldn’t play favourites…) who has actually recently semi-relocated over east, but this top is from her collection from last year when she was still 100% Perth! Her collections are so beautiful, quietly elegant and magnificently draped, and she uses the loveliest silks. I’m a big fan of her designs.

So it pains me to say that on my way from an early morning meeting, I tripped and fell flat on my face in the middle of the footpath, ripping up my knee, my shoulder and the back of my Carly Hunter top! Super fine silk + dirty city pavements = not good.

Observe; my bloodied and band-aided knee, like a scabby 8-year-old. Way more dramatic and gory in real life, promise.

Carly Hunter top, stegosaurus necklace made for me by my little brother Duncan (I enjoy how it looks like the dinosaur is grazing in the fringing), fake leather op shop shorts, bag from the “free” box at a Mandurah op shop (classy), op shop shoes. Socks not within my 100 mile diet, as they count as underwear! That’s what I’m claiming anyway. A month is too long to go without socks.

Again, dodgy photo quality due to camera phone, which took quite a battering on my very fast descent to the pavement this morning. I promise to attempt to get Cameron to take my photos each morning from now on (he left too early this morning) so they’ll be lots better…


About anadventure

I live in sunny little Perth. I'm a stylist mostly, but I'm also a Pigeon, one third of Two Bucks 'Til Wednesday and one half of All Of The Above Creative.
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4 Responses to the third day: ouch

  1. Chloe says:


    tell Duncan he really REALLY needs to start making those dinosaur necklaces on a larger scale. In fact I will give him all my money for one. (All my money is about $20.. but still).

    love Chloe

  2. mOther says:

    i want one of those dinosaurs! they’re amazing. email me when duncan’s done making some?! much thanks!

  3. Just came across your blog and thought its an interesting concept! The bag is such a great pick-up – looks awesome. Looking forward to see what kind of things you find on this little journey!

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