the sixth day: part one

I have a confession to make: yesterday afternoon I got a bit a chilly, and without thinking twice, chucked on my faithful old Ally* blazer to keep me warm! After about an hour I realised, kicked myself and took it off. I spent the rest of the evening blazer-free and shivering, but at least I’d only stuff up my 100 mile sartorial adventure for a little while. Oops!

Today I’m wearing a piece from my grad collection. The fabric is about ten metres of silk gauze that I bought from Carol (the Silk Lady, as she is affectionately known), that I then hand dyed. My collection was inspired by forest spirits (because I am six years old, evidently), which is perhaps why the girl at Tiger, Tiger told me I looked like a fairy this morning. I choose to take that as a compliment, cute waitress girl.

I’m wearing my own dress, a necklace that I made from an op shop brooch (that I borrowed from Sophia about four years ago, oops), op shop belt and those same old op shop shoes and bag.

I’m going out for Sophia’s last supper (before she starts her 100 mile diet) this evening, so will do an outfit change after work.

*Tacky chain store. Terrible place that has offensively cheap and occasionally cute stuff


About anadventure

I live in sunny little Perth. I'm a stylist mostly, but I'm also a Pigeon, one third of Two Bucks 'Til Wednesday and one half of All Of The Above Creative.
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4 Responses to the sixth day: part one

  1. sophiabrown says:

    I remember this brooch and I resent that comment about Ally. She’s ok.

  2. mOther says:

    beautiful dress. one of my fave grad collections that year.

  3. mbianca20 says:

    such a beautiful dress!

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