the thirteenth day: part one (sounds like a b-grade horror movie)

I’m getting quite sick of having band aids on my knee, I feel like a grubby school kid. Perhaps I should start writing random words on them and pass it off as profound poetry, Bai Ling style.

Today I’m wearing an op shop dress, op shop belt, op shop satchel, homemade necklace and shoes that Anna bought me from “House” op shop a few years ago. House is named thus because it’s a little pink house on the Rockingham foreshore that’s been turned into an op shop. It’s pretty great, the ladies that work there are really sweet (goes without saying, really) and once sold me their entire collection (about 80 or so) of old leather-bound Reader’s Digest books for $10 because they just wanted to get rid of them. If you ever wondered where all the old books that decorate Pigeonhole came from, that’s where.

Tonight I’m going to a dress-up party (the theme is “snow”), and so will be getting appropriately attired after work.


About anadventure

I live in sunny little Perth. I'm a stylist mostly, but I'm also a Pigeon, one third of Two Bucks 'Til Wednesday and one half of All Of The Above Creative.
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1 Response to the thirteenth day: part one (sounds like a b-grade horror movie)

  1. patrick says:

    you do look amazing today but you always do and the bandaids just aid to your charm x

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