the fifteenth day: half way

I’m half way: I’ve spent fifteen days wearing only op shop/locally made/homemade clothing, and it’s going pretty well. Apart from a few minor hiccups and some mild annoyances (shoes! Oh my goodness, I have so many nice shoes that I miss so much…) I think it’s a pretty do-able thing.

The main idea of this challenge was to show that it isn’t that difficult to dress sustainably and locally, and still look pretty decent. You don’t have to buy things that were produced thousands of kilometres away to have style. You can find awesomely original outfits in op shops, get your creativity on with a bit of cutting and sewing, and support WA designers by wearing their locally-produced labels.

On that note, I haven’t really worn a huge amount of WA labels, for the sole reason that I’m more or less a penniless hobo, and two dollar op shop dresses are more within my price range. However, I’ve actually saved a little bit of money in last fortnight because I haven’t bought any clothes or shoes or anything from “regular” stores. It’s hard to say exactly how much I’ve saved, but if I hadn’t been doing this sartorial 100 mile diet, I certainly would have bought the following: a rather magnificent pair of shoes from Ebay ($120), a very useful looking over-sized tee-shirt from Sportsgirl ($30), a pair of clogs from Rubi ($40) and an awesome ring from Pigeonhole ($35). So I’ve maybe saved around $225 in two weeks, which isn’t too shabby. I survived without buying those things, and in retrospect, as much as they were all very lovely (particularly the shoes) and hard to walk away from, I don’t really need them. And with that $225 I’ve saved, I think I’ll invest in something from a Perth label. Jaime Lee‘s debut collection is on sale at Zara Bryson at the moment, I might just have to head down…

Anyhoo, today I’m running errands, sourcing for a shoot tomorrow and doing boring paperwork, so my outfit isn’t super exciting.

I’m wearing a homemade dress (from silk and leather. The leather is from an op shop jacket I cut up), homemade necklace, op shop bag and op shop shoes (that I’m getting pretty sick of wearing, actually)


About anadventure

I live in sunny little Perth. I'm a stylist mostly, but I'm also a Pigeon, one third of Two Bucks 'Til Wednesday and one half of All Of The Above Creative.
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  1. Sheila says:

    bag head, yellow knee.

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