the twenty-second day

I’m so exhausted from yesterday’s sand dune expedition! Things that I have learnt: Lancelin is FAR away; Like, 157 km from my home, sand dunes are so sandy and so windy and so, so beautiful, and that climbing giant dunes and running  down them is super fun but will make your legs feel like jelly the following day.

Anyway, today I’m wearing:

A dress from the lovely Julie (I guess early ’60s?), op shop belt, bag and shoes.

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the twenty-first day: lancelin

Today I’m off on a photo shoot adventure to the sand dunes up at Lancelin. The sky is cloudy and there’s a chance of thunderstorms, which makes it all the more exciting.

I’m wearing my good old grandma trousers, op shop blouse, homemade necklace, op shop shoes, belt and bag.

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the twentieth day

Sorry this post is so late, I took this photo before I left and then the internet at Cam’s house died so he couldn’t send it to me. Boo, technology!

Anyway, today I’m wearing a dress I made last December to be my Christmas dress. It was originally a very strange, drop-waisted, calf-length op shop dress with big weird sleeves that I think was a costume (it velcro-ed up the back!)

Needless to say, I pretty much cut it up completely and started again, using the fabric and lace from the original…

I’m also wear op shop shoes, belt and bag.

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the nineteenth day: part two

I’m on my to Lomovember, trying to kid myself that it’s not approximately a zillion degrees.

I’m wearing a dress that I found in my mum’s costume cupboard. It’s made of the most beautiful pale blue cotton lace, and from the looks of it is from the mid sixties. I’m also wearing a op shop belt, the bag my mum bought me from an op shop, Totomoto ring, homemade necklace and… Shoes from Sportsgirl, because I’m being a bit lame. But I really, really wanted to wear some pretty shoes tonight! It’s a bad excuse. Anyway. Let’s pretend it never happened.

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the nineteenth day: part one

Today is HOT. I think it might reach 40. Therefore, my outfit is less based on creativity and more based on not melting into a puddle on the footpath. So, apologies for the not-that-interesting-ness.

I’m wearing op shop/renovated culottes, op shop bodysuit, op shop belt, op shop shoes and op shop bag.

Tonight is Lomovember, which is pretty exciting. It’s a Lomography photo exhibition to raise money for the Movember charity, and I have three photos on exhibit! Not sure what I’ll wear yet, but if I get a chance this morning I might make something…

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the eighteenth day: branches

Today, in amongst my other less interesting errands, I’m off to source some pretty branches to use in a visual display and corresponding campaign shoot, which should be fun/amusing/ridiculous. What’s great is that I even have a photo to illustrate this, as it’s (surprisingly?) not the first time I’ve been on a pretty-branch-collecting mission. This is my old car, Lucille, who I had to sell earlier this year due to rust, and who I miss very dearly.

I’m also going to meet up with the On A Whim girls to pick out a dress, which is very exciting! And tonight I’m making Sophia dinner, which means finding all local foods, which should be fun. I think I’m going to raid my friend’s fruit trees…

I’m wearing my good old leftover-from-Two-Bucks-and-hacked-up dress that I mentioned a while back, op shop belt, op shop shoes, op shop bag and homemade necklace.

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the seventeenth day: breakfast at cabin fever

After running around very early this morning returning stock from yesterday, I made it to the city with 30 minutes to spare, and am now writing this from next to my delicious toasted sandwich at the new Cabin Fever Cafe. It’s brilliant, Ruth (who runs it) is a champion and the coffee is lovely. There’s even a cuckoo clock and free wireless internet! You should check it out.

Anyway, on my way down to my job in Mandurah yesterday, I met up with Sophia and we did a little bit of op shopping for Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday. We found some really great things; some perfect leather satchels, a spectacular frilly ’70s maxi dress, many awesome blouses, a so-bad-that-it’s-brilliant leather bustier, and heaps of useful belts, among much more. The little Singleton op shop proved to be a gem as always, they were having a $2 tuesday (all clothes $2! they also have $1 friday, every friday) and all jeans were 50 cents.

Today I’m wearing another dress from Julie, I think this one might have been made in the late ’50s, judging by the fabric and the cool seams on the sleeves:

I’m also wearing an op shop belt, op shop shoes, op shop bag, homemade necklace and Totomoto ring.

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